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[IP] all the diet talk

I have the kidney failure from diabetes but it was not caused by eating too 
much protein.  Even when I was diagnosed with diabetes, I was always told to 
eat enough protein - back then that was 3+ grams PER meal and snack - so 
eating 3 big meals and 3 snack a day that was a8+ grams of protein a day - 
and still with my renal failure I am still being told to eat enough protein.  
All of my labs are normal and my endo and my nephrologist told me that if 
they ever found out that I was on the Adkins diet that they would personally 
kill me.  Not sure exactly why but I enjoy eating fruits and carbs too much 
to ever want to try that diet anyway.................I could stand to loose a 
few pounds but will do it the old fashion way and exercise it off!!!

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