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RE: [IP] all the diet talk

On the topic of protein being tough on the kidneys, first of all, I would be 
curious to know if anyone knows of a case of a person who believes or knows 
that their kidney disease was caused by protien.  I've never heard of such a 
case.  Second, for me personally, even if there is some chance that protein 
is hard on my kidneys, I think it is worth the trade off because I KNOW that 
high blood sugars are hard on kidneys and the only way that I have been able 
to get good blood sugar numbers is by doing a fairly high protein diet.  So, 
I figure I'm doing the best I can with the info I have (which doesn't 
*strongly* indicate that protein will hurt my kidneys), as more info comes 
in I will reevaluate...  It is kind of frustrating that there doesn't seem 
to be any decent info out there about this.  I've seen a lot of claims about 
how bad protein is, but, again, never heard of an actual case of someone 
having kidney problems due to protein or even a study which found protein to 
be harmful.  If anyone has such info, I'd love to know about it.


> > 1. Low carb diets and the Atkins diet are mentioned.
> > Lots of protein is rough on the kidneys and these
> > diets tend to be protein...and fat heavy...so not
> > great for the heart either.
> >>I workout and lift lots of weights and drink/eat lots of protein.  There
> >>no scientific study to show that high amounts of proteins are kidney
> >>damaging. If it was, there would be lots of weight-lifters choosing 
> >>hobbies. Currently I don't know any of my buddies who are having kidney
> >>problems and have been bulking with protein for years.
>I think the meaning was 'for diabetics'.  Extra proteins in the blood have
>to be filtered by the kidney, and because of the size they are harder to
>filter than, say, glucose.  I think the extra strain on a healthy kidney
>would be no problem, but with the wall hardening that comes with long term
>diabetes (high sugars) this can put too much strain on the kidney.  That is
>why diabetic kidney patients are put on low protein diets.
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