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RE: [IP] all the diet talk

>The same as carb-counting has changed the *diabetic diet* and exchange
>system in '94, the low-protein diet isn't what it was cracked up to be.
>Citing my experience - again: At 50% kidney function, endo put me on a 51g 
>day low-protein diet. (I HATED it with a passion!!! This included proteins
>in green beans and milk.) I lost another 15% function over that year and a
>half. I saw a nephrologist at 35% function and he said to get off that
>low-protein diet.


I'm just wondering if this means that you don't have to watch your protein 
at all.

Jayne <<who's hoping this means you at least get to spread some tofu on your 
toasted cardboard ;) >>

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