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[IP] Re: Scary pump occurrence

Last Sunday, my son and I went to Dorney Park & Wildwater Kingdom, which is 
about 20 minutes from our home in Pennsylvania. He does not like water slides 
or wave pools, etc., but he loves this three-level water play area where you 
get to dump buckets of water at people walking below you on a lower level or 
shoot water guns at targets to fill massive buckets that, when full, drench 
the entire structure.

He has had an H-Tron Plus for two years. When we bought our pump, it was 
marketed as waterproof and always used it with the tappet without a problem. 
We even used it briefly AFTER the scuba diving problem but did experience a 
problem and stopped doing that.

So we always disconnect for swimming, but I decided not to in this case 
because (1) the pump was not going to be submerged and (2) he was running 
high for some unexplained reason the previous day and into that morning.

Boy, was I mistaken.

He played in this area off and on for about four hours. Then we changed and 
headed over to the dry side of the park and the rides. We were over there 
about an hour and he was in line for a ride when, all of a sudden, he 
excitedly says, "Mom, my pump is bolusing all by itself and I can't make it 
stop!" The pump was alarming an Error 7, System Alarm. I removed the pump and 
watched as it continued to spit out insulin. I removed the batteries and 
tried to insert new batteries to resolve the problem. (That was the best 
troubleshooting I could do without the manual.) We then tested and he was 
180ish. I told that we would probably have to go home but he could ride two 
more rides and we'd see what happened. He tested again. 46!!!!! We continued 
to test every hour on the hour and he ran in the 70s despite being 
disconnected and having sucked down (at hour intervals) two 28-carb rock 
candy lollipops and a helping of Dippin' Dots ("Ice Cream of the Future").

When we got home, I programmed the backup pump and it was smooth sailing from 
there. Thank goodness for the backup pump. I know now that we will disconnect 
for water -- even if it's a backyard sprinkler!!! I realize the H-Tron Plus 
is no longer marketed as waterproof, but I thought it would be OK since it 
wasn't submerged. As I said, I certainly learned a lesson the hard way. Thank 
goodness nothing dangerous happened to my child!

Anyone else experience anything like this?

Janice, proud mom of Paul, DX 20 months, now 8 and pumping since July 2000
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