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[IP] More on Exercise Highs

Just got back from my aerobic workout, I did a little lighter workout, and 
my BG was 193 about an hour or so later.  (101 when I finished.)
At 193 I suddenly felt like I was going to pass out, I became slightly 
nnauseated, my chest ached and I felt like I was going into ketoacidosis.

After about an hour of feeling awful, I stopped feeling hot and I felt just 
drained. I checked out Adrenal Glands on the net and found this, technical 
but informative site:

Seems all my symptoms were normal for adrenal stimulation with the high BG 
just a 'bonus' for us diabetics.  Still haven't learned anything about 
controlling it, though it seems that insufficient carbs/overinsulization 
could be contributors.  Any comments?

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