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[IP] Hiding Pump - 1 piece swimsuit

I am wondering why all the ladies that are wondering about pumps and 1 piece
swimsuits clip their pumps to their suits, or wear it in a bag around their
neck then wondering about the tubing, etc.  I have a 1 piece suit and find
that most 1 piece suits fit tight enough with all the spandex, etc. that you
can just put the pump (animas) inside the suit and it stays tight between the
suit and your skin whereever you put it.  I find that on either side, right
inside the band of the leg seems to work good and stays put on ALMOST
everything (except for some of the very wild water slides at the larger water
parks these days).  I do not ever use the clip and have had good luck.
on another topic - I don't find that the humalog goes bad in the heat - if I
get high readings due to being in the heat for long periods of time I find
these readings come from the extra stress that my body has with the heat and
after coming back inside and bolusing for the "high" my BS will come back down
and then stays fine after that meaning that the problem is not with the
insulin in the resevoir at all.  I always fill my resevoir clear up - last me
8 to 9 days and I have never had to change it early due to heat, etc.
Good luck!
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