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[IP] Disability Imsurance

It does not surprise me that you were unable to get disability insurance.  Try AFLAC insurance, I'm not sure if it is exactly disability insurance, but when I had it with my former employer it paid me when I took a sick day and also paid me for my time when I went to the doctor.  I believe it is more of a supplemental insurance to your regular policy and it can be quite pricey, but it might be worth looking in to.

My husband works for a car dealership and does a lot of the financing.  When I leased my present car I asked about getting the credit life and disability insurance thru the finance company.  I was told right away that I was not qualified because of my diabetes and other health problems I have.

I asked if I didn't tell them how would they find out??  They will eventually find out because if you go out on disability and have to start drawing from it, the paperwork will get back to the insurance company and will tell them exactly why they are now paying for your car......Yes I know it is a crappy policy but I guess it is to cover their own butts for those individuals who have learned to play the system.

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