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RE: [IP] all the diet talk

> > Lots of protein is rough on the kidneys and these
> diets tend to be protein...and fat heavy...so not
> great for the heart either.

>>I workout and lift lots of weights and drink/eat lots of protein.  There
>>no scientific study to show that high amounts of proteins are kidney
>>damaging. If it was, there would be lots of weight-lifters choosing other
>>hobbies. Currently I don't know any of my buddies who are having kidney
>>problems and have been bulking with protein for years.
I think the meaning was 'for diabetics'.  Extra proteins in the blood have
to be filtered by the kidney, and because of the size they are harder to
filter than, say, glucose.  I think the extra strain on a healthy kidney
would be no problem, but with the wall hardening that comes with long term
diabetes (high sugars) this can put too much strain on the kidney.  That is
why diabetic kidney patients are put on low protein diets.

The same as carb-counting has changed the *diabetic diet* and exchange
system in '94, the low-protein diet isn't what it was cracked up to be.
Citing my experience - again: At 50% kidney function, endo put me on a 51g a
day low-protein diet. (I HATED it with a passion!!! This included proteins
in green beans and milk.) I lost another 15% function over that year and a
half. I saw a nephrologist at 35% function and he said to get off that
low-protein diet. He had studied with the dr. at Johns Hopkins who
researched the rats. The diet worked with rats, but people aren't rats. ;)
Anyway, it has taken 8 years for me to get to 12% which was another 23% loss
(compared to 1.5 yrs to lose 15%). Yes, I am now on dialysis.

The biggest help in controlling kidney disease is keeping BP under 120/70.

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