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Re: [IP] Bruising at sites and blood in cannula

I used to have more trouble with bruised sites with the silhouettes. 
I think the problem is that the place where the catheter goes into 
your bod can move around, and this movement around the hole can cause 
irritation at the site.  After trying a few catheters, I found that 
that the design of the ultraflex totally eliminates this problem. 
Where the catheter goes in there is a flat part of the ultraflex that 
sort of presses on the skin keeping the hole very stable.  I'd 
suggest trying the ultraflex if you haven't done that already.  They 
work fine with the minimed pumps (except for the paradigm)

>  I've been having lots of problems lately with my sites bruising and
>  getting blood in the cannula after as little as 24 hours. I normally
>  change my sites every 2 days and switched from Humalog to Novolog
>  about a month ago. Even though there is bruising and blood, often my
>  BGs are fine. Still, I end up changing my set, just in case. I use
>  the Comfort sets. I have tried others that go straight in and those
>  were no better. I only use my abdomen as other areas, such as my
>  thigh, not only bruise, but take weeks to heal.
>  Suggestions, anyone? I appreciate any advice!
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