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RE: [IP] all the diet talk

> 1. Low carb diets and the Atkins diet are mentioned.
> Lots of protein is rough on the kidneys and these
> diets tend to be protein...and fat heavy...so not
> great for the heart either.

>>I workout and lift lots of weights and drink/eat lots of protein.  There
>>no scientific study to show that high amounts of proteins are kidney
>>damaging. If it was, there would be lots of weight-lifters choosing other
>>hobbies. Currently I don't know any of my buddies who are having kidney
>>problems and have been bulking with protein for years.

I think the meaning was 'for diabetics'.  Extra proteins in the blood have
to be filtered by the kidney, and because of the size they are harder to
filter than, say, glucose.  I think the extra strain on a healthy kidney
would be no problem, but with the wall hardening that comes with long term
diabetes (high sugars) this can put too much strain on the kidney.  That is
why diabetic kidney patients are put on low protein diets.

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