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Re: [IP] Re:Where To Hide Pump

   My daughter and I are using Animas pumps and have spent the last 2 
weekends on ocean beaches, getting tossed by the waves, buried in the sand 
and temp lowering our basals by the hour : )
  Rissa wears a 2 piece, so it was easy for her to clip and go, I am a little 
larger, but I just clipped the pump to the back of my suit just under my 
shoulder blade. Gonna assume you have a paradigm-which means no clip, just a 
holster, right?  Not sure if you can do the same thing with the holster type 
clip, but that is how I solved the one piece bathing suit dilemma.
  BTW- pumps worked fine before, during and after-I did get a scare when I 
saw Rissa getting wiped by 2 waves in a row, but the first thing she did 
after regaining her footing was check the pump, make sure the clip was still 
in place- She wants me to buy her a boogie board next weekend, I think I lost 
my kid to the beach! : ) 
    Jacky D
In a message dated 7/9/2002 3:20:37 PM Pacific Daylight Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

> Yes, one-piece swimsuits -- how are people dealing with them?  Now that I 
> have a waterproof (resistant?<gr.>) pump, I have been trying to figure it 
> out. 
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