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Re:[IP] water/dehydration

>The rule of thumb in the medical community is 6 to 8> eight ounce glasses of 
water per day......that's 48 to> 64 ounces, half gallon to a full gallon of 
water per 
day. < 
>Anyone else read the Wall St. Journal article approx. 2 weeks ago that said 
this was essentially "bunk" because there is no scientific proof about 
dehydration and that the bottled water companies have pushed this idea to the 
skies to promote their product(s).  Old wives tale?<

OK...call me old...but I remember this recommendation long before there were 
'bottled water" companies.  I heard it in health class (elementary school) 
and biology class (high school), and in physiology class (undergrad, and 
graduate school). What scientific research did the WSJ cite?  Wonder how many 
of the writers there have DM, renal failure, or experienced dehydration and 
then checked their BG?

Just a curious BarbaraB.
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