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Re: [IP] diabetes keeping me from aquiring disability

> In following this thread it occurs to me that if this is insurance that is
> offered seperately and is paid for completely by the employee as an option
> then the company offering it probably can set rules as to who they will
> insure. Same policy as say a business that says it reserves the right to
> refuse service. Now it may be possible to push the issue with the union as
> previsouly mentioned - kind of say =- well if you are going to be this way
> then we won't give you access to our employees - which could be a great
> of business - but they may (unfortunately) be well within their rights.
> Linda & Dax

The bottom line is that if an insurance company is operating as an
independent, well managed business they are not going to want to sell
insurance to an insulin dependent diabetic - We are not good risks

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