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Re: [IP] New Test Set Up

At 09:08 PM 7/9/02, you wrote:
>I agree with your observation of " that the patient is not to be trusted
>". I purchased the software for my Precision Extra BG tester; and besides
>putting the user name in it, there are not very many inputs available. It
>lets me enter a variety of choices for the printing of various reports,
>but no way of changing any data ( for correction purposes, etc ). My wife
>wanted to yest her BG, and thanks to her, I now have an " extra " reading
>within the normal levels.
>Any programmers out there with this disease ???

FYI..The In touch software from LifeScan allows you to edit the reports.


> >From: "Patrick G. Jobe" <email @ redacted> >Reply-To:
>email @ redacted >To: <email @ redacted> >Subject: Re: [IP]
>New Test Set Up >Date: Tue, 9 Jul 2002 20:41:43 -0400 > > > The software
>shipped with this thing blows chunks also. The PC side > > application
>does NOTHING but give you the ability to print logs. I >expected it > >
>to have more robust data management capabilities than it has. The Palm >
> > application is slightly better, but still needs a fair amount of tuning
>to >make > > it friendly. If I had to spend the $150 bucks again, I
>probably >wouldn't. > >Well, I will not start out by screaming that there
>is a conspiracy - BUT >the bottom line is that the medical establishment
>is VERY reluctant to >provide the patient any flexibility in data
>management software. I am sick >of meter download software that will not
>allow me to manually enter results >or correct errors. And the very
>limited options that some have for exporting >the data is really
>ridiculous - The GlucoWatch Analyzer program is a prime >example of this.
>I think it all hints at an attitude that the patient is not >to be
>trusted. > >Pat
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