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Re: [IP] diabetes keeping me from aquiring disability

> Hi.  I am fairly new to this group (this is my first post).  I am
> hoping to get some information on a problem that I came upon this
> week.  I am a school teacher and I have very good insurance.  During
> the summer we are required to meet with an American Fidelity
> representative.  This is optional and supplemental insurance
> coverage.  The representative talked to me about disability, which
> would monetarily cover the time that I will miss when I have a baby.
>  When I go on leave, I will be paid only for the days that I have
> sick days to cover.  After that, I can have time off without pay. 
> The disability would kick in after my sick days were gone.  When I
> told her that I wanted this she began to fill out the paper work. 
> She asked if I had been diagnosed within the last 10 years of a
> number of diseases, one being diabetes.  When I told her that I had
> (9/97) she asked if I was insulin dependent.  I told her that I was.
>  She immediately said that she was sorry, but that she knew her
> company wouldn't write a policy for me.  If I did not control my
> diabetes with insulin I would be fine.  It seems to me that this is
> some form of discrimination.  My question is this.  Does anyone know
> of any insurance companies that would provide this kind of
> disability?  Or maybe of any Internet resources that I could check
> into?  I do not want to pay a huge premium, but just would like to
> know what's out there.  Thanks in advance. Kelly
Hi Kelly,

Since you are a teacher, I'd assume you are in a teachers Union. If 
that is the case, then the usual kinds of rules you'd expect when 
dealing with and insurance company may not apply but instead be 
goverened entirely by the contract between the union and the 
district. This can be good or bad depending on how far your 
representative can press the issue. The other consideration is the 
state department of labor. They have been known to intervene on 
behalf of union members in cases such as yours. The particulars of 
what can be done will be spelled out in the contract. If it's been 
overlooked, that is good, chances are that things will then fall in 
your favor. 

Talk to your union rep and find out what the fine print says.

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