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[IP] Re: Generic insulin

About a week ago, someone wrote:

> I recently received a letter from the Eli Lilly company stating 
> it was not safe to switch from their brand of insulin to generic 
> insulin like ReliOn from Walmart - I think. I know that ReliOn 
> doesn't make the generic equivalent of Humalog that I use in my 
> pump but it would be nice if they would. I know it
 > takes ?twenty years? to get generics. >>

This is just marketing B.S. I have confirmed from representives at 
Novo Nordisk the following:

"The Reli-On brand of insulin is manufactured by Novo Nordisk, the 
makers of Novolin. Walmart and Novo Nordisk entered into an agreement 
to take the Novolin insulin and "co-brand " it with the Reli-On name 
to provide a less expensive alternative for people without insurance 
coverage for their medications.  Reli-On insulin is in no way 
generic; it is Novolin in a different package."

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