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Re: [IP] Dr. Atkin's diet

>My doctor sent me this article about Dr. Atkins. I found it very
>I'm wondering, for those of you who are on Dr. Atkin's diet, how do all
>of your tests fare as far as cholesterol, A1C  and everything?  Does a
>low carb diet, end up raising your cholesterol, etc. ? I could see that
>a low carb diet isn't necessarily a high fat diet.


I have done an Atkins-type diet for two years now and I've been amazed at 
how good all my numbers have been, especially my blood sugars.  My 
cholesterol didn't change at all, up or down, but my triglycerides went way 
down (which at least some docs think is as important or more so than 
cholesterol).  I have also felt much better - I have a lot more energy and 
feel much more well-rested in the morning and all day long.  I'll never go 
back to eating carbs like a normal american.  In the last few months, 
though, I have added some legumes and more fruit into my diet which seems to 
work okay.

I think the low carb way of eating is really a YMMV kind of thing.  If 
you're curious about it, I'd say you should try it for two weeks and see how 
you feel.  You might feel a little crappy the first day or so, but I felt 
great, almost euphoric by the third day.  Two weeks will be plenty of time 
to figure out if it works for you.  I'd also suggest following Dr. 
Bernstein's recommendations for carbs which is 6 grams for breakfast, 12 for 
lunch, 12 for dinner, and no more than 12 for any snack.

This diet really changed my life.  I went from having A1Cs routinely over 12 
to a 6.6 three months after I started the diet and I haven't even had one 
that high since.  My most recent was 5.8.

Good luck!


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