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[IP] Re: dehydrated

Sorry for including these entire two posts, but they are relevant to my

> Gina wrote regarding not being high after a day
> waterskiing and eating what she thought was too much:
> >>I am far from being dehydrated as I have had almost
> 1/2 gallon of water today.  It just blows my mind that
> I would have such thirst and be totally within range.
> This has never happened before and I am wondering why
> I would have symptoms of high sugar???
> Any thoughts?
> Gina
> - -----------
> My thought is that you really were dehydrated. A half
> gallon of water is not enough over a day in the sun
> and all the activity it sounds like you engaged in.
> The rule of thumb in the medical community is 6 to 8
> eight ounce glasses of water per day......that's 48 to
> 64 ounces, half gallon to a full gallon of water per
> day. But that is just for "normal" activity and
> weather. Add heat and/or activity and your
> requirements go up. Sweat a lot and no matter how much
> water you drink, your body may not be able to use it
> if you electrolytes aren't in balance also. So fitness
> experts recommend adding an electrolyte solution --
> essentially sodium and potassium (Gatorade, Powerade
> powder) to every other liter of water you drink
> during/after exercise. My husband has a degree in
> exercise science......he keeps reminding me that by
> the time I am thirsty I am already in the dehydration
> zone. Drink lots BEFORE you exercise, drink while you
> exercise and drink lots after you exercise.......but
> get some salt with it so your body can use it well.
> kat

However, since we are not allowed to give medical advice, the above is for
*normal* (sometimes I think I'm more normal than *they* are) <VBG> people.
Gina has kidney failure and is on dialysis which completely colors the
picture differently. This is where her medical team should be questioned for
what to do. There's a risk of too much potassium, fluid overload, etc. The
kidneys cease to function after a bit since the dialysis takes over and the
body retains those fluids. Again, Gina's medical team is who should be
giving this advice. (~_^)

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