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[IP] re: i thought i was high

What was your blood sugar hours later? I find that if I eat ice cream, or
frosted cake, or pizza, anything with a high fat count, I will go low, but
hours later, I sky rocket. I have found that if I eat these things, in the
middle of the night and the next morning, my blood sugars are high. But I also
discovered that if I do a temporary bolus, from 9PM til 6AM, next morning my
levels are normal. Last night I had ice cream, did a temporary bolus of .9
(usually .5 overnight) and woke up at 126 this morning. I got to the .9 rate
by slowly raising the temp rate .1 each night that I had pizza or ice cream
til I found what worked for me.
You can still be dehydrated. Once, about 17 years ago, I was unknowingly
suffering DKA, drank water like crazy. My mother took me to the hospital (I
drank a half gallon of water on the way to the hospital).When I got there,
they said I had DKA and was dehydrated.
Just letting you know what works for me.
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