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[IP] Higher insulin requirement with Novolog

I have had a different reaction from Novolog from most of those who have
posted--in the area of insulin requirements.  My need for insulin has
increased with Novolog--my basals are up about .2 units an hour, and my
boluses for meals have really increased.  Last night, I took 11 units for
what normally would have been covered with 6 units of Humalog.

Does it take awhile for the Novolog to work?

On the PLUS side, I also have discovered that my sharp spikes of blood
sugars have calmed considerably, making me quite willing to stick with
Novolog despite the increased insulin requirement (but also making me
apprehensive about switching to the Paradigm this Saturday).  I'm
averaging closer to 60 units a day versus 40-45 with Humalog.  

Has anyone with an average of 60 units a day switched to the Paradigm? 
If so, how do you feel about it, and how often do you change sites?  


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