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[IP] Re: Adrenaline Rush?


Beginning last week I started having the same
experience after playing 2 or 3 sets of tennis.  My
BGs were normal pre-tennis, then sky-rocket within an
hour.  Last night's was the highest yet at 497.  One
of my opponents suggested it was the adrenaline and it
made sense.  However, this last week was the first
experience I'd had of high BGs with exercise.  The
three or 4 times it happened I was able to bring it
right down with about 10 units of Novolog.

After getting home last night (I lost the third set
BTW :-( )  I decided to do a site change.  Lo and
behold - I have a nasty little infusion site

I'm puzzling over this since I was able to bring my
BGs right down with a bolus &/or injection.  Which is
the reason I did not swap out the site before last
night.  Very unusual.

Will be keeping a closer eye on this phenomenon & see
if adrenaline might indeed be a contributing factor or
if it was merely (?) the infection.

7 day course of 500 mg Cipro should get me right back
on track (I hope!).

-gail in denver
dx 2/14/72, T1, MM507c since early 90's, no
complications but have a wicked sense of humor.

>Date: Tue, 09 Jul 2002 08:12:07 -0500
>From: "Dianne De Mink" <email @ redacted>
>Subject: [IP] Adrenaline Rush?


>I'd like your comments on the epinephrine (?) that 
>sometimes pumps into my body after a really 'good' 
>work out.  Pre, during and after my aerobic work 
>out my Blood Glucose is just ducky- and 2 to 3 hours
>later it 'sometimes' goes through the moon and then, 
>after bringing it down to normal (and I don't have 
>any way of knowing before hand whether it's going to 
>be 400 or 300 etc. [it was 800 once after a morning 
>of cross-country skiing].
>I generally have a fairly high carb juice prior to
> exercise  (30 minutes)- prune or grape and a little 
>protein (flax) and take enough insulin to cover 
>my disconnect bolus and a tiny bit [.2] for my entire

>breakfast.  Most of the time this works fine and my 
>blood sugars remain normal, but it seems to me every 
>time my adrenals kick in - whether it's exercise or a

>fight with my mother, I just can't predict or prevent

>that blood sugar rise.
>Anyone have any adrenal gland comments, I'd 
>appreciate an email at email @ redacted  (I get

>the digest and sometimes miss things.)

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