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No Subject

Gina wrote regarding not being high after a day
waterskiing and eating what she thought was too much:
>>I am far from being dehydrated as I have had almost
1/2 gallon of water today.  It just blows my mind that
I would have such thirst and be totally within range. 
This has never happened before and I am wondering why
I would have symptoms of high sugar???
Any thoughts?

My thought is that you really were dehydrated. A half
gallon of water is not enough over a day in the sun
and all the activity it sounds like you engaged in.
The rule of thumb in the medical community is 6 to 8
eight ounce glasses of water per day......that's 48 to
64 ounces, half gallon to a full gallon of water per
day. But that is just for "normal" activity and
weather. Add heat and/or activity and your
requirements go up. Sweat a lot and no matter how much
water you drink, your body may not be able to use it
if you electrolytes aren't in balance also. So fitness
experts recommend adding an electrolyte solution --
essentially sodium and potassium (Gatorade, Powerade
powder) to every other liter of water you drink
during/after exercise. My husband has a degree in
exercise science......he keeps reminding me that by
the time I am thirsty I am already in the dehydration
zone. Drink lots BEFORE you exercise, drink while you
exercise and drink lots after you exercise.......but
get some salt with it so your body can use it well.

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