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Re: [IP] Trigger finger and diabetes


You are correct that everybody needs to make up their own mind about the 
options presented to them.  I went ahead with the 7 surgeries (Feb 1994 to 
May 2002) because of the longevity of my diabetes and wanting to really keep 
tabs on my blood sugars due to my microalbuminaria status.  I have also 
battled chronic depression on and off since my diagnosis on Dec 18, 1976.  I 
told my surgeon about three surgeries ago that, "At least this can be fixed, 
so much of the rest of my life is just manageable, especially the diabetes!." 

I have one cortizone shot in my wrist (for other reasons) and passed out.  It 
has been so long ago that I don't remember if it hurt so bad that I passed 
out or if I just got myself so worried and stressed out that it happened.

Everyone should weigh their options and choose what is best for them.

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