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[IP] Re:Where To Hide Pump

In a message dated 7/8/02 Stephanie <email @ redacted> writes:

<<  Just with dresses a bit more complicated and with swimsuits that are one 
piece etc.  :)>>

Yes, one-piece swimsuits -- how are people dealing with them?  Now that I 
have a waterproof (resistant?<gr.>) pump, I have been trying to figure it 
out.  The one time I have been swimming since, I put it in a bag that hangs 
around the neck, figuring I would be able to pull it out for bolusing, and 
just stuffed it in my swimsuit under my arm -- but then there was a table so 
convenient to the (private) pool, so I ended up just disconnecting instead.  
But Saturday I will be with a lot of people who maybe I care what they think 
I look like (well, at least a little <gr.>), and I wondered if anybody had 
techniques that didn't show as much.  (The pump itself is probably as 
inconspicuous as I'm going to get it, but I just don't have a neck bag with 
straps that match my bathing suit straps at all <gr.>).  I don't think I 
actually want to sew a pocket on the swimsuit, being worried about damaging 

Linda Z
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