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[IP] Hiding a Pump

When I wear pants, I have no problems at all.  Imagine wearing a long t 
shirt.  Where would you attach a pump to that?  At the neck line?  Where 
else would you attach it?  That is the dilemma with dresses.  I don't think 
it is so people can't see it, it is just that there is no where to put 
it.  At least that is the problem for me.  I can't speak for all 
women.  So, the answer to your question is that men's clothes are, in 
general, easier to attach a pump to.
Yeah, it was cool to discover that.  The last time I wore that dress, I 
unattached, which I hate doing.
I hid it under the strap.  Luckily, the straps on this particular dress 
were large enough for that.  About 1 inch tapering to 1/4 inch.
In regards to attaching the pump to your leg.  My conformation makes it 
hard to wear a pump on my thigh under a slinky dress, it always shows 
unless it is between my legs, then it rubs.
To everyone else: only too glad to share!  My fiance actually suggested 
it.  He's very imaginative :)
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