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Re: [IP] Skin-Tac?!

Scott, I sometimes have a similar problem.  I also really like the 
Ultraflex catheters and use them with my MM 507.  When I work up a 
sweat, I also have the tape sometimes comes loose on adominal sites. 
I just use some medical grade thin adhesive tape over the front of 
the catheter (where it connects).  If the tape is thin enough, I can 
tape it right on top of the plastic and the catheter still can 
connect (though a bit less smoothly).  It doesn't look pretty, but it 
works for the extra day or so when needed.

<<<<<<I have a question.  I use an Animas pump, but have been using the 8 mm
Distronic Ultraflex sets.  I like them much better than the Animas
Comfort/Minimed Silouette sets.  I find the Ultraflex more comfortable to put
in (perhaps because I have trouble finding an inch to pinch in the abdomen
area or anywhere else for that matter, and these go in at 90 degrees with a
very short introducer needle and cannula) and they have a slightly smaller
patch of adhesive.  Sometimes, if I don't get the adhesive patch to lay
completely flat, then I find the adhesive around the edges starts to come
undone on the second day (after showering) before I've even gotten 2 days out
of the set.  Most of the time, I can go the rest of the day without worrying
about it, but I had a set pull out last week (after 3 am, so my morning BG
wasn't too bad), but I'm concerned about going through sets too quickly (I'm
not even getting 2 days out of some of them) and its likely to become more of
a problem when I go on vacation and am waterskiing all week.
I've read that Skin-Tac adhesive which might work to re-adhere the edges and
hopefully get another day out of a 1-day old set.  However, Animas does not
distribute Skin-Tac and I've had no luck finding medical supply places that
sell it.  Does anyone know of anyplace who sells Skin-Tac adhesive, and if so
do you have a telephone number or website address?  Alternatively, if anyone
knows of another adhesive that can be applied with a Q-Tip or something around
the edges, I'd welcome the suggestions.  Thanks!><<>>>>>>>>>>>>>
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