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[IP] Re: bolusing to remove pump

Pat, I do the same thing (and I'm always braless :-)
   It depends on what your BG is when you disconnect.  For example if 
I'm at 120, I might bolus for 3 h, which for me is 1.5 U.  Now my BG 
will drop about 40 mg/dl for each U, so 1.5 U would drop me down to 
60.  However, the 40 U drop occurs when I'm connected and getting my 
normal basal.  So being disconnected with no basal, a 1 U bolus won't 
drop me 40 U.  Thus I could take 2 full units and still not drop 
below 60.   Then I could be disconnected for up to 6 hours, because 
after 4 h, I'd be maybe at 80, and then without being connected, my 
BG would rise about 20 mg/dl per hour after that.
   Everyone is a little different, but you should try it starting with 
just two hour's basal given up front.  For me it makes it a lot 
easier being at the beach in the sand and water without a pump 
getting in the way.

<<<<<<<<<<RHonda wrote:
if I go braless I bolus
about 3-4 hours and just take it off...works great for
me....I just got
from the beach and I bolused for 4 hours...took it off
and wore a 2
bathing suit...it worked great..but it takes some
trial and
This sounds like an interesting concept -- how does
that work.  If you bolus for 3-4 hours, doesn't your
blood sugar just drop like a rock?  I would like to
try this when I go swimming, but need to know a bit
more about exactly how you do this.
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