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[IP] Adrenaline Rush?


I'd like your comments on the epinephrine (?) that sometimes pumps into my 
body after a really 'good' work out.  Pre, during and after my aerobic work 
out my Blood Glucose is just ducky- and 2 to 3 hours later it 'sometimes' 
goes through the moon and then, after bringing it down to normal (and I 
don't have any way of knowing before hand whether it's going to be 400 or 
300 etc. [it was 800 once after a morning of cross-country skiing].

I generally have a fairly high carb juice prior to exercise  (30 minutes)- 
prune or grape and a little protein (flax) and take enough insulin to cover 
my disconnect bolus and a tiny bit [.2] for my entire breakfast.  Most of 
the time this works fine and my blood sugars remain normal, but it seems to 
me every time my adrenals kick in - whether it's exercise or a fight with my 
mother, I just can't predict or prevent that blood sugar rise.

Anyone have any adrenal gland comments, I'd appreciate an email at 
email @ redacted  (I get the digest and sometimes miss things.)

Spot, how are your eyes doing?

Talk soon I hope.

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