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Re: [IP] A1C results

I am not sure who started this thread, but I thought I would add my two
cents.  I recently met with my CDE about my diet and some weight I have
put on.  My last hba1c was 6.7 which is the lowest ever in almost 21
years.  I learned from CDE that fat is affecting my blood sugars way more
than I ever dreamed.  I am now watching my fat intake very closely.  I
have tried doing square wave boluses for the fat but so far have not
worked that out.  I had a 36 the other night during a square wave so right
now I am a little afraid of that.  The one thing that I can say is that
the majority of my blood sugar readings have been in normal range.  The
highest one outside of known mistakes that I made was a 138.  I have also
been able to lower my basal rates too.  I was having some higher than
desired fasting blood sugars, but have been resolved as well.  I also have
dawn phenomenon.  I am not trying to tell anyone how to do anything
because I have learned so much here and am so thankful.  I just thought I
would offer a different perspective.  It does take trial and error, but if
you are not satisfied with you numbers or would just like them to be a
little better, try something new.  I am guilty of being in denial.  I was
so sure that I knew what I was doing.  I mean by God I have been doing
this for twenty years.  :-)))

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