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[IP] RE: Accuracy of Numbers


I had the same problem with higher BSg after meals.  Then I switched from 
Humalog to Novalog and I've smoothed out-  On a daily basis, I take about 10% 
less Novalog vs. Humalog and my sites last longer with less soreness-On 
Humalog, my daily total of insulin had an average mean of about 40 units, as 
in I would use anywhere from 60 up to 100 units a day.  On Novalog, I tend 
use anywhere from 60 to 75 units-  So my average mean is cut in half.  I 
think this is because I have to bolus less after meals since in me,  the 
Novalog last longer with a wider bell curve-  My body just seems to like the 
Novalog a lot better-  BTW, I only found out about Novalog on this reflector- 

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