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[IP] I thought I was high??

I just checked my blood sugar 3 times, 2ce on my regular meter and once on my 
backup.  It read 110, 110, 111........I could have sworn I was high because I 
ate cake and ice cream earlier, and drank some regular lemonade.......didn't 
bolus enough for fear of going low while water skiing............I got home 
and checked and to my surprise my BG is totally normal.  I am SO thirsty and 
this is usually the first sign of me being on the high end... ...any 

I am far from being dehydrated as I have had almost 1/2 gallon of water 
today.  It just blows my mind that I would have such thirst and be totally 
within range.  This has never happened before and I am wondering why I would 
have symptoms of high sugar???

Any thoughts?

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