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[IP] Re [accuracy of numbers)

>always 60 - 80 points higher after I eat a meal.  I would like to know if 
your target is 100, do you get to 100 right after a meal or is 120 'close 
enough'.  I think 160 - 180 after a meal is too high....Just wondering what 
other pumpers think about the accuracy of their numbers...<


Your post meal BG isn't too far out of line. Those numbers for a person with 
diabetes are acceptable at this point in time.
You just started pumping, and fine tuning basal and bolus rates takes a few 
A few things to consider:
It is normal for BG to be higher one and even 2 hours after eating a meal. It 
depends on several factors: 
-BG before eating
-timing of bolus in relation to bolus delivered and food  eaten
-current basal rate at time of meal
-bolus ratio for each meal
-previous BG correction boluses
-amount of long-acting still within your subcutaneous tissue and bound up 
with those cells, being slowly released over time  (this might not be a 
factor since your diagnosis wasn't more than 5 or 10 years ago, and you have 
likely never injected animal insulins)
-activity level
-stress level
-time of day
-each meal
-time of the month or phase of the moon
-and a few others I have either forgotten or haven't thought /heard of. 

Getting overwhelmed? I'm not trying to do that, nor am I making light of your 
concern.  Some intensive diabetes managers give you a little leeway at first. 
Your post meal BG should not be the same as the premeal BG. It doesn't work 
that way for non-diabetic people. Without diabetes, and a fully functioning 
pancreas, the post meal BG is usually under 140 mg/dl, depending on your age. 
 Pre-meal and post meal BG targets are not the same numbers!  Keep up the 
good work. You aren't very far off target. Don't forget that BG numbers are 
information to be used.

Also, discuss your concerns with your pump team. Don't aim for perfection. 
You have permission to make errors...and you will. Keep testing. Keep good 
records to analyze and solve problems.

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