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Re: [IP] A1c levels, and new pump start...

Hi Ryan,

When I first started wearing the pump about a month ago I experienced the 
pain you are talking about. It did not hurt at all when I inserted the 
infusion set, but after awhile the site started hurting.  I was only able to 
keep it in a day and a half.

When I inserted the next set, I did it lower than the first one.  I did not 
have any problems with that one. I changed that one and used a low spot on my 
abdomen also, no problems.
Well last week I changed and picked a place higher on my abdomen, and I 
started having the pain again. I would mostly feel it when I moved a certain 
way, or bent over.  I have figured out that when I place the site around or 
above my belly button I end up with some pain, all the lower sites never 
hurt. I think that the higher sites just hurt because of body movement and 
the bending irritates the site.

But who knows, I might just be weird too !

Happy Pumping
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