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[IP] A1c levels, and new pump start...

I have to things to say.

Someone said that in order to get A1C levels below 7, you have to eat very
few carbohydrates.  But, I can tell you that just isn't true.  My A1c levels
have been running from 6.9 to 7.2 for the past several years.  I have been
taking Lantus for the past several months...and prior to that 4 shots of
NPH, plus the Humalog for boluses.  Anyhow,  I eat between 200-300 carbs a
day. If I were a bit more careful about counting carbs, I could get below 7
much more frequently.  Low carbs is not required...just accurately counting
carbs, and an accurate meal bolus.

Second, I just started my pump TODAY!  Yay.  I have a Minimed Paradigm.  But
I want to know what is the normal level of pain experienced at the infusion
site.  Inserting the set didn't hurt (which surprised me, since giving shots
in my stomach often hurts a LOT).  However, a few hours later, and I started
feeling a bit of soreness, paticularly if I bend over or lift something.  It
almost feels like a slight bruise.  Is this "normal", and do you eventually
get used to it? Or, is it my overly sensitive belly???

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