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Re: [IP] Re: bolusing to remove pump

I don't see how this would work on anyone. Taking 2.4 units would be my
bolus for a 40 carb. meal.  If I'm not taking in carbs, this amount of
insulin would drop my bg down by 140.  If I had a high bg level to begin
with, that would be fine cause this would act as a correction bolus, but
would drop me like a rock otherwise. If you are using Lantis or some other
long-acting insulin, this would make sence, but definately not for Novolog
or even Humalog.

> Pat.....my basal rate during the day is 0.8 an hour,so I take 2.4 units
> take the pump off..(for 3 hours)..there's nothing else going in so it
> balances out...it took me a long time to try it,because I
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