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 ADA: Noninvasive Blood Glucose Monitor Tested in Diabetics 
 Coming soon or just another pipe dream?  
  ADA: Unlike currently available blood glucose monitors, which require
finger prick or other invasive testing for calibration one or more times
daily, a new blood glucose monitor presented at the American Diabetes
Association 62nd Scientific Sessions in San Francisco, California, is
completely noninvasive. 

"The tool is based on occlusion technology where the cessation of blood
flow in
 the finger triggers a change over time of the optical characteristics
of blood,"
write Ohad Cohen, from Chaim Sheba Medical Center in Tel Hashomer, Israel,
 and colleagues. "Increase of glucose concentration reduces the
refractive index
 mismatch, which in turn reduces the scattering coefficient. This
phenomenon is
 utilized in a clinically applicable apparatus to measure blood glucose

 During hyperinsulinemic hypoglycemic clamp studies in 5 men with type 1
 diabetes, insulin was infused at a constant rate, and stepped
hypoglycemia was
  achieved by varying glucose infusion. The Roche Reflectron glucometer
  measured arterial blood glucose in parallel with 140 noninvasive
readings, with
  values ranging from 40 to 270 mg/dL. Blood glucose levels obtained by
the two
   methods showed a high degree of correlation (r=0.91) and mean error
less than 10%. 

 "The excellent match [with arterial blood glucose measurements] prove the
reliability of this novel non-invasive glucose measuring technology that is
 currently ready for large scale evaluation," the authors write. Orsense
Ltd., in
 Rehovot, Israel, developed this blood glucose monitor. ADA Annual Meeting:
 Abstract 485-P. June 15, 2002.
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