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[IP] insulin and heat

To those who wrote that insulin can take the heat, I have experience that
refutes your claims.
Sara has insulin go "bad" often. The reason is the hours she spends in a hot
pool environment. It is a problem we have in the winter often, but in the
summer it is worse. We had out door temps of mid nineties last week and the
pool deck was a nice toasty spot. Guess what...there went the insulin with 160
units left in the cartridge. Now that she is a lifeguard and teaches Red Cross
swim lessons four or five days a week the problem is even worse. During the 10
weeks she has off during the year the problem seems to go away.
We have a Frio on order and hope this helps us with the heat problem.
So, insulin will deteriorate in temperatures that many of you live in
daily...not just at a pool as in our situation.
Oh, and in the hospitals I have worked at we had to place the date the insulin
was first used so as not to go over the acceptable user date. Hey, it took a
couple of seconds and better safe than sorry.
Pam, mom to Sara
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