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Re: [IP] is diabetes considered to be a disability

email @ redacted wrote:

> I would love to hear comments, criticism or other thoughts on this subject.
> Andy
> T1 19 years, pumping 3 years, and a little overweight. Other than that, I am
> healthy and complication free. :-)

I am 32 years old and have had diabetes since the age of 11.  I had all the
puberty problems, but they all seem to disappear around the age of sixteen.  After
that I had become so lax.  I lived my life like I was not even a diabetic.  Most
people didn't know I was and I never had much problems with missing work.  When I
was 26, I had some type of physical life change that changed my life forever.  I
started experiencing very frequent low blood sugars and had to be hospitalized.  I
missed a lot of work during the five months it took for me to get on my pump.  I
don't see myself as disabled either, but if there were not some type of "safety
net" for people with chronic diseases that may require time off from work due to
that illness, I and a lot of other people would not be able to hold a public job.
I am very thankful I had that.  JMO  :-)

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