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[IP] Trigger finger and diabetes


I have been diabetic since 3/76 and in good control.  I have had trigger fingers. They are caused by the swelling of the sheath around and/or the tendons in your hands preventing them from passing through the bands that attach the tendons to your bones.  Typically, it is only one band, at the base of your finger, that needs to be cut so that the tendon can pass  again without getting caught in the band. It is a simple surgery.  They might try to treat the swelling with a shot of cortazone but in my case, the swelling came back and I had the operation.  It is common in diabetics without a clear cause as to why.  I had the surgery twice and in 3-6 weeks, I was fine both times.  Go without it, and your in for chronic pain- The longer you wait, the more chance of developing arthritis. 

GL  Bryon-   
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