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Re: [IP] Trigger Finger

Hi Eileen,

I too have had trigger finger.  Several years ago it started in my right ring 
finger.  It is VERY painful, so much so that I could hardly write.  The first 
thing the docs will try is cortisone shots (but this can wreak havoc with 
BGs).  I did do that one time, but the pain and swelling came right back.  
After that, the next option was surgery to release the tendon.  It was 
relatively painless with just local anesthesia and kind of fascinating to 
watch LOL  This took care of the problem and it has not returned in that 
hand.  However it has now started in my left hand (same finger) and I am 
thinking about the surgery for that one.  Good luck to you in whatever you 
decide.....but if it were me I'd go for the surgery.  The cortisone was a 
waste of time and money.

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