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[IP] Skin-Tac?!

I have a question.  I use an Animas pump, but have been using the 8 mm
Distronic Ultraflex sets.  I like them much better than the Animas
Comfort/Minimed Silouette sets.  I find the Ultraflex more comfortable to put
in (perhaps because I have trouble finding an inch to pinch in the abdomen
area or anywhere else for that matter, and these go in at 90 degrees with a
very short introducer needle and cannula) and they have a slightly smaller
patch of adhesive.  Sometimes, if I don't get the adhesive patch to lay
completely flat, then I find the adhesive around the edges starts to come
undone on the second day (after showering) before I've even gotten 2 days out
of the set.  Most of the time, I can go the rest of the day without worrying
about it, but I had a set pull out last week (after 3 am, so my morning BG
wasn't too bad), but I'm concerned about going through sets too quickly (I'm
not even getting 2 days out of some of them) and its likely to become more of
a problem when I go on vacation and am waterskiing all week.

I've read that Skin-Tac adhesive which might work to re-adhere the edges and
hopefully get another day out of a 1-day old set.  However, Animas does not
distribute Skin-Tac and I've had no luck finding medical supply places that
sell it.  Does anyone know of anyplace who sells Skin-Tac adhesive, and if so
do you have a telephone number or website address?  Alternatively, if anyone
knows of another adhesive that can be applied with a Q-Tip or something around
the edges, I'd welcome the suggestions.  Thanks!

(I hope my post also answers Kirsten G's question as well!!  You can use
Ultraflex infusion sets with the Animas pump, and Animas even supplies them
directly.  I'm not aware of any inserter device for the Ultraflex, although it
really isn't necessary.)

	Date: Sat, 6 Jul 2002 13:07:02 -0400
	From: "Kirsten G" <email @ redacted>
	Subject: [IP] Question about Animas pump and insertion sets

	... What I'm wondering is, can you use the ultraflex inserter set with the
Animas Pump?? ...
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