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[IP] Re: Pump, supplies, and airline travel

Susan wrote:

Date: Sat, 6 Jul 2002 17:00:25 EDT
From: email @ redacted
Subject: [IP] Re: Traveling with Pump supplies

I flew 2 weeks ago (Philadelphia to Atlanta vis US
I carried all my supplies with me. Insulin was in a
box with the 
pharmacy RX 
label. I carried syringes with the part of the box
that had the RX on 
it. I 
also took a letter from my Doctor's office. I wear a
medic alert id 
They looked at my stuff at the Phila airport and
checked to be sure 
were no explosives, and they made me remove my shoes
to see if they 
were ok. 
My pump did not set off the metal detector. And I was
free to board. 
On the return trip, I only carried one set with me and
packed the rest. 
one looked or cared.


I recently flew from San Antonio to Milwaukee.  The
security people in San Antonio seemed almost asleep
(didn't make me feel very good).  We had a layover in
Kansas City.  The security there is very tight.  The
people are very professional and courteous, but
through.  They didn't care about my pump or supplies
and never looked at the letter from my doctor (no one
did!!).  But I had a pump holder with a
leather-covered metal clip on it in my carry on bag. 
They searched the whole bag until they figured out
what they had seen on there scanner.  I guess it
looked too rectangular (like gun barrel?) to pass by. 
In Milwaukee, I put it in the little basket in plain
site and no one bothered me.

My friend went to Las Vegas not long after 9/11 and
had a roll of quarters in her carry on -- Oh boy -
they took her bag apart!!


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