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Re: [IP] Switching pumps

I asked my insurance company about this recently.  They said you can't get a
new one just because there is a new one, but if your pump was out of
warranty and the cost to fix it was high, you could write them a letter and
they could consider it.  They also said if a new pump came out that had a
feature that your pump didn't have, if your doctor wrote a letter of medical
necessity explaining why you needed that feature, they would consider it. 
Each person is a case-by-case basis, just like getting a pump is.  They said
the same reasoning would apply to the Glucowatch, if it was deemed medically
necessary by your Dr., they would conssider it.  I have Care Choices of MI. 
They approved my original pump within two days of receiving the paperwork.

Switching insurance companies sure isn't an option for everyone.  My husband
has one choice and that's what we have -- it's that or nothing.  So if I
need a new pump, I'll have to get it through them.

Judi in MI
email @ redacted
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