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[IP] Switching Pumps

We managed to change pumps for Jenna at the 3 year mark by telling our
insurance co. (same one that bought her the original pump) what features of
the new pump would better help her control her diabetes.  In her case, she
had an H-tron, and I really thought she would benefit from dual wave
bolusing (lots of problems with high fat meals making her high hours after
the meal, so couldn't bolus at the time for it) and also for the multiple
basal rate options.   She's a gymnast, and her insulin needs are vastly
different on the days she doesn't have her 3 hour practices from the days
that she does.  I expected more of a fight, but once the reasons were
explained to them, the approved it right off.  Got a Minimed 508, awaiting
the Paradigm upgrade.

Nancy Morgan, mom of Jenna, age 13, dx'ed age 8, pumping age 9
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