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[IP] Trigger Finger

Hi, has anyone ever had trigger finger and if so what can be done for it? My 
pointer finger gets stuck and i have to use my other hand to straighten it 
out and it is so painful. I went to see my primary dr about frozen shoulder 
and mentioned my finger to him and he said yeh its a bone spur, trigger 
finger? but he was more concerned about my shoulder that he and i forget to 
say what can we do about my finger? I also have carpel tunnel in the same 
hand, so when i where the handbrace at night my finger really hurts. i had 
the carpal tunnel surgery done on my right with great success back in 1996 
and my other hand was suppose to be done, but i have been putting it off. 
Then i wonder if this is all related to my neuropathy at times? Thanks 
Eileen, maybe its just old age creeping up!
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