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[IP] Steel Magnolias

It seems there was some have truths and a lot of questions coming out of Julia
Roberts character. But, back in the 50-60's-assuming from the clothing and the
cat-eye glasses, that is what they knew of diabetes back then. Like, the D's
that got married and had babies-that was a feared thing back then. A close
friend of mine had a child in the late seventies which caused problems with
her eyes. But having diabetes doesn't mean that we want to be a mom-some
people don't want to have children and that is their choice. I think they
moved the kidney disease thing with the character on the movie quickly to move
the story along. I think the movie had more focus on relationships that every
person could relate to somehow, somewhere in their life than on teaching
others about diabetes and the problems that go along with it. Sharon B
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