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[IP] air bubble in tube

what to do??

I am using Disetronic Pump and have noticed the past few days that I have 
air bubbles in my tube.  On Friday I got a few warnings when that happened, 
so then I changed my whole set plus inserted a new cartridge.  Even with 
the new one still have bubbles but no warning.  I will examine my tube now 
and then and see some bubbles then unplug the tube and let the insulin run 
through to let the bubble run out.

I use normal humaninsulin in a normal pen cartridge.  The nurse wasnt sure 
if it was ok and had to ask the company.  I think they use different kinds 
of insulin or different company, or put in separate cartridge.

I will let her know about these air bubbles.

Wanted to ask the experts here.  thanks in advance

stephanie (new pumpers 14 days now)
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