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Re: [IP] how to insert set and allergies??

What about when going swimming?


At 01:30 PM 7/7/2002 -0400, you wrote:
>Stephanie wrote:
>>1) Inserting the set: I find that when I manually insert the set (dont 
>>have those automatic inserter I heard about), that I pinch my skin where 
>>I will insert. I notice I cant really feel if the needle has punctured 
>>thru the first surface and if its just sitting on top of the skin. I then 
>>push it down, but sometime I look and it looks like it is just sitting on 
>>top. So then I will relocate or try pushing harder. Sometime it hurts if 
>>I push too much so I have to redo it. Can someone give me tips so I can 
>>feel more assured that I know it is being inserted properly and I dont 
>>have to try poking myself a million area till I am assured it has 
>>punctured thru the surface.
>Which set are you using?  It sounds like the UltraFlex.  There are other 
>sets you can try, I personally, did not like the UltraFlex for pretty much 
>the same reason you're stating here.  I used the Tenders for about a year, 
>and a lot of pumpers do like them, but I'm currently using the MiniMed 
>QuickSet which I like much more than the UltraFlex.  Btw, I'm pumping with 
>a Disetronic H-Tron Plus.
>>2) Allergies? I have sensitive skin and was really allergic to the first 
>>plastic bandade that was used to cover the set and area. Skin was red for 
>>3 days. I tried another one, plastic dissolved when I removed it, so 
>>wasnt good. Third one seems to be ok, but this round it seems to be 
>>itchy. I removed it but skin doesnt look red. I wonder if I am allergic 
>>to the alcohol spray that I have to use to disinfect the skin prior to 
>>inserting the set. What does everyone use? Do you need to use alcohol 
>>each time?? Or is there something better for those with allergies. (I 
>>tend to have history of allergies to soap and stuff...so am sensitive)
>I too have sensitive skin and allergies to soaps and such, but I've found 
>for me that the IV-Preps work just fine.  I've never used any kind of 
>bandage or tape to cover the set, I just depend on the adhesive tape on 
>the set itself.  The IV-Prep leaves a little sticky barrier on your skin 
>which does help the set to stay stuck a bit better.  In the summer time, 
>if you are active and sweat a lot, there are other adhesives you can try, 
>one being tincture of benzine (commonly referred to as "gorilla 
>snot").  I've used IV-3000 tape and have also tried Tegaderm, but find 
>that both of those give me some irritation, so I'm best off not using any 
>additional tape at all.  You can call Disetronic and even MiniMed to get 
>samples of other sets and tapes and Preps to find what suits you best.
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for HELP or to subscribe/unsubscribe, contact: HELP@insulin-pumpers.org
send a DONATION http://www.Insulin-Pumpers.org/donate.shtml