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Re: [IP] how to insert set and allergies??

Stephanie wrote:

>1) Inserting the set: I find that when I manually insert the set (dont 
>have those automatic inserter I heard about), that I pinch my skin where I 
>will insert. I notice I cant really feel if the needle has punctured thru 
>the first surface and if its just sitting on top of the skin. I then push 
>it down, but sometime I look and it looks like it is just sitting on top. 
>So then I will relocate or try pushing harder. Sometime it hurts if I push 
>too much so I have to redo it. Can someone give me tips so I can feel more 
>assured that I know it is being inserted properly and I dont have to try 
>poking myself a million area till I am assured it has punctured thru the 

Which set are you using?  It sounds like the UltraFlex.  There are other 
sets you can try, I personally, did not like the UltraFlex for pretty much 
the same reason you're stating here.  I used the Tenders for about a year, 
and a lot of pumpers do like them, but I'm currently using the MiniMed 
QuickSet which I like much more than the UltraFlex.  Btw, I'm pumping with 
a Disetronic H-Tron Plus.

>2) Allergies? I have sensitive skin and was really allergic to the first 
>plastic bandade that was used to cover the set and area. Skin was red for 
>3 days. I tried another one, plastic dissolved when I removed it, so wasnt 
>good. Third one seems to be ok, but this round it seems to be itchy. I 
>removed it but skin doesnt look red. I wonder if I am allergic to the 
>alcohol spray that I have to use to disinfect the skin prior to inserting 
>the set. What does everyone use? Do you need to use alcohol each time?? Or 
>is there something better for those with allergies. (I tend to have 
>history of allergies to soap and stuff...so am sensitive)

I too have sensitive skin and allergies to soaps and such, but I've found 
for me that the IV-Preps work just fine.  I've never used any kind of 
bandage or tape to cover the set, I just depend on the adhesive tape on the 
set itself.  The IV-Prep leaves a little sticky barrier on your skin which 
does help the set to stay stuck a bit better.  In the summer time, if you 
are active and sweat a lot, there are other adhesives you can try, one 
being tincture of benzine (commonly referred to as "gorilla snot").  I've 
used IV-3000 tape and have also tried Tegaderm, but find that both of those 
give me some irritation, so I'm best off not using any additional tape at 
all.  You can call Disetronic and even MiniMed to get samples of other sets 
and tapes and Preps to find what suits you best.

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