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[IP] how to insert set and allergies??

I have started pumping two weeks ago.  Am using the DIsetronic Dtron.  I am 
getting the hang of it.

Two main problem I am having though is:

1) Inserting the set:  I find that when I manually insert the set (dont 
have those automatic inserter I heard about), that I pinch my skin where I 
will insert.  I notice I cant really feel if the needle has punctured thru 
the first surface and if its just sitting on top of the skin.  I then push 
it down, but sometime I look and it looks like it is just sitting on 
top.  So then I will relocate or try pushing harder.  Sometime it hurts if 
I push too much so I have to redo it.  Can someone give me tips so I can 
feel more assured that I know it is being inserted properly and I dont have 
to try poking myself a million area till I am assured it has punctured thru 
the surface.

2) Allergies?  I have sensitive skin and was really allergic to the first 
plastic bandade that was used to cover the set and area.  Skin was red for 
3 days.  I tried another one, plastic dissolved when I removed it, so wasnt 
good.  Third one seems to be ok, but this round it seems to be itchy.  I 
removed it but skin doesnt look red.  I wonder if I am allergic to the 
alcohol spray that I have to use to disinfect the skin prior to inserting 
the set.  What does everyone use?  Do you need to use alcohol each 
time??  Or is there something better for those with allergies.  (I tend to 
have history of allergies to soap and stuff...so am sensitive)

Thanks in advance for your tips and advice everyone.

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